Sarah Newman
Hi, Everyone! Looking forward to seeing and hearing about all you have done in half a century! The world is such a different place than when we were at Central. Hard to believe things can change so much so fast. I am remembering: the scramble of students in the hallways. Study halls. The Drivers Ed class in the trailers outside the school entrance. A massive snowball fight in the pick-up area. Pigeons courting on the windowsills. Skipping class to join the massive anti-Vietnam War protest. Ernie Chambers speaking to the students after unrest. Thrill over our champion basketball team’s successes. Sweating in un-air conditioned classrooms. Wandering around downtown after school, grabbing a bite at the cafe in the basement of Brandeis. The bathrooms on the stairways. And of course, the boys and girls stairs. All now a lifetime ago. Hope you are all well.
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